The Power Of Poetry 

In wanting to express the many things that cannot be said in ordinary language, I stumbled into poetry. After my first mystical experience, I tried extremely hard to explain what I had seen, touched, and felt to others. But no matter how hard I tried, nothing worked. A year after the experience, I  read the words of some of the great mystics. St. John Of The Cross, Rumi, and Hafiz all instilled within me a sense of awe and magic. It was through their words that reality began to reveal itself in a way I cannot put into words, ironically enough. But I use words nonetheless because the goal of all poetry, as Alan Watts said, is to eff the ineffable; to say what cannot be said. 


My poetry deals with the spiritual path: its ups and downs, its promises and pitfalls. Sometimes, the rhythm will invoke a sense of the mystical. Other times, it will silence the reader. My performative pieces are vulnerable and emotive. I want listeners to know that the content of what I say is not as important as the place from which I say it. At the end of the day, it is a feeling I am trying to evoke - not a dry word or two. If I see someone close their eyes or shed a tear, I know I am doing something right.