• prestonbryant93

Causeless Ecstasy

A sea of green captivates my

sensibilities as I shudder beneath

a roof in my imagination.

Nature is putting on a show for me.

First, I have a meeting with

cats eyes that remind me of

the other side;

they effortlessly push

my gaze upward

and before I know it,

I am in the midst of heaven,

seething with attention.

Being there, I notice the birds

above me being swallowed up

by a sky that tantalizes my poetic taste.

Within a second I cannot see, I am at

the tipping point of my potential,

still seated, oohing and aahing at what great painters saw.

Beauty reigns over the land, and I am witness to something spread

upon the earth that clever men have tried so hard to figure out.

Like a hand letting go, or the final breath of a life well-lived,

I expand beyond the greatest dream I convinced myself of.


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