• prestonbryant93

I Tremble At The Thought Of Forever

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

The point of existence is to tremble at the thought of forever,

Which holds steady in the present moment. There, the tears

Of heaven sink into the skin.

There, transformation takes place and spirit reaches out

To others, announcing a Righteous side,

Where all questions and answers ultimately die

And seek refuge.

No tool is necessary, friend. A method might teach you

How to swim, but it does not teach you how to drown.

If you are brave, you will not come up for breath.

Surrender to the flight of the infinite. Let it take you

unannounced. Believe me, there is no substitute for this.

So do not hold on to the ship; Sink, let it take you

underneath. Give up your

vows as well; they will not merge with what is already


Friend, do you know what it’s like to be held in

The arms of a love you cannot imagine? It is like breathing

In your deepest desire and holding it there, until you see

what gives to form its life.


It is like meeting a secret lover behind a door and sharing secrets you have

Both known for a thousand years, but could not share

Until now.