• prestonbryant93

That Magnificent Fact

One day, a million secrets will uncover themselves

Inside of your heart.

Love will make itself known, and you will

Feel like running through the streets

Naked and wild in ecstasy, shouting,

“I have found God!” “He is within!”

The writer has made this mistake one too many times.

It is a rookie error.

People will think you are out of your bloody mind.

And the truth is, you very well might be.

That’s why it is better to just smile and grin whenever a

fabulous “coincidence” occurs.

If people get surprisingly curious and wish to know what your

deal is, tell them the truth: you don’t know a damn thing.

Then run away and giggle in a room where

You can bask in the glory of all the

Magic that comes from

That magnificent fact.


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