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The Backward Secret

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Why do people fall back on belief or reason

When they hear the Holy City

On the other side of the wall, calling for them?

Surely, the wisest choice to make is one

That leads to the final abode, where no more

Choices can be made.

Friend, do you think the great mystics were happy with

Belief in God, hearing his breath echo inside of


Do you think those philosophers, who thought

Aimlessly in a blaring room,

Understood the meaning of silence?

Hear me now: no matter how many thorns you pick from

The ground, each new step will require you take

Out more.

The mistake is too easy to make; so sit still until

Nothing makes sense. Stay there, but do not wait.

Let humility keep you awake

God will soon wet your bones

With the water that drowns


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