• prestonbryant93

The Broken Swing

Broken swings did not anticipate their demise—

Why should you? Keep swinging into the

Night without thought of tomorrow, hold

Onto nothing, fall through. The song is bound

To turn you. Every mystic waits for

That drunken stumble home after a

night of lovemaking with the unnameable.

Here is the wine they sip on:

Why be more when you could be less?

Ponder this. It makes no sense. That is

When freedom usually opens.

Break the clocks now, friend. There is no

Time to wait. Patience is one thing. Lack

Of presence another. So fire openly from

Your true center & remember the

Eternal promise inside of you before

The dream of an outside is believed.

Spin out of control inside the pool of unknowing,

Allow your passion to sip that juice.

Misbehave by keeping quiet there

until the eyes shed.

It is not too late.

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