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The Different Calls Of Spirit

Spirit calls you back home in a variety of ways.

For some, gently submerging into its waters,

Day-by-day, is enough. They are comfortable

With fading into the night, unknowingly, when

No one is looking. 

The feather bed catches them after listening

To the soft song of their longing, which has

Echoed off the walls of existence for innumerable

Lifetimes. These people are akin to patient roses,

Who bloom when the sun is aligned with their destiny.

For others, the only way through is to be

Thrown into an undeniable & fierce

Expression of grace, where destruction

Combines with beauty.

Their skepticism is hushed by divine insight.

These people are akin to Lions, who see their

Reflection for the first time and heave in disbelief

At the potency of what is real.

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