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The Holy Initiation

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Where are you embarking to, my dear one?

How did you come to be both close and far?

With eyes wide shut, your vision healed a scar.

I have run like a forest-dweller in places unheard

Of to understand this type of magic.

And I have wept other-worldly tears in crowded basements to

Praise your paradoxical taste.

All this longing has brought me nowhere—

What a mystery arrangement!

All this pain has brought me space—

What an unfathomable realization to behold!

When I ended, you began; no story did unfold.

How could this be?

I will share with you, in a secret or two:

Without identity, without masks or hidden

Agendas, the divine heaves through

In time

Like a breath held in for far too long.

And life speaks volumes in a heart

Ready for something new.

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