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The Night Orchard

She was a night orchard, who gave birth to unseen beauty.

She was a captive of spirit & protector of secret scents.

She was unable to hurt others, but could so easily be hurt.

Power did not appeal to her the way brokenness did.

For in brokenness, she could remain open and tender,

Like the womb before a spirit enters in and makes it home.

Her complexion and the warmth of her skin in the morning

Opened doors into inside lands. That is where I laid my head to rest.

That is where I learned. That is where I became whole.

At certain times, I would follow her into the passage of her eyes, and

Once, while making love, the flames of a candle applauded us

By releasing vanilla smoke.

She was holy, intricate, and gentle with a maternal stroke.

But she was unaware of all this. It came through her in the

Same way the scent of a rose comes through it: unknowingly.

This caused a fair bit of trouble.

I would speak to her saying, “Perhaps, my dear, the reason

Why you don’t believe in yourself is because you are shining

Too bright. Your beauty has blinded you from seeing it.

My love, what if the sun knew how it spread its rays?

It would look for a thousand different reasons why it is not

perfect. It would search, day after day, for approval by the things

It shines on for validation. But when it shines without approval,

As you do when you sit down, hair draped over the shoulder,

Spread in naturalness, the universe folds into eternity, barriers break,

Hummingbirds pray, and calcified hearts open—

Causing who-knows-what to make an appearance.

Here, in this moment, I must admit, my love: I am not sure

When I will see you again. I have finished reading the story

Of an angel… for now.

When I am asked if it was worth it, I shall show

Them the scars of love on my chest that were

Given to me by your cheeky smile. I shall show

Them the light in my tear stained by a memory

Of you jumping on a bed in Bali; I shall break down to my

Knees and kiss magic the way I kissed your lips.

I will imagine you and hold you in front of them.

And they will see you, as I saw you for the first time.

And they will feel my courage as I attempted to approach you

With the pathetic excuse of “grabbing a glass of water.”

The smell of the rose around a fire will ignite their


My love, if there are more chapters, destiny shall carry

Us there. For now, all I ask is that you remain true

To spirit and kiss my soul back when I stop your

Walk to the dressing room cupboard.

Go with strength.

Go with love.

Forever and always,

- Preston

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